Babel Translation was established in response to the increasing demand of translation service in Thailand providing multilingual servicesin document translation and interpretation with many years of experience.


Our Team
Babel Translation provides translation services by the professional team with years of experience in translation. Each qualifies the degree in translation and interpretation so we can guarantee the quality of our services you will receive.

Our Team

Why choose Us?
As our client, you will surely benefit from our strengths when using our services.

Why choose Us?

Our Services
We, Babel Translation are experts and specialists in translation and interpretation of multi-language, are not only provide you the translation skill but also the service. Accordingly, we guarantee a smile on your face after using our services as below

Our Services

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Welcome to the greeting season, we offer you a special service fee beginning at 200 baht/page. More on details please contact us at 092-524-9433 or info@babel-translation.in.th

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Visa Services

Babel also provides you Foreign Visa Services with professional consultancy and guideline as to visa of various countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, United States, France, Canada, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and others by more than 5 years experiences of specialist in Foreign Visa. Thus, our clients will receive the accurate and updated information.


Babel will categorize the visa for the basic understanding as follows:

Tourist Visa

The most uncomplicated visa is the tourist visa which will be mainly considered by the financial status and career of the applicant. Clients always have a query what if they don’t have enough money so how can they apply for the tourist visa? What if they are still studying and do not have a job? The answer is possible to do if they have a sponsor excepting USA Tourist Visa although they have a sponsor, the application is surely in tough. By the way, the specialist will evaluate and consider clients in case by case to attest the possibility of accomplishment.

Business team deliberating with lawyer

Engagement Visa

This kind of US or UK visa for Thai girlfriend will be less complicated than the tourist visa and totally differs from the tourist visa in purposes. Due to the engagement visa the applicant intends to express the relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend so the evidence of relationship is mainly considered to prove that their relationship is real and willingly extended to the long term relationship.


Marriage Visapassport_med

The most complicated type of US, Australia or UK visa is the marriage visa especially in the process
of document preparation which should be provided with circumspection
because it will be long relative to apply for a citizen of that country.
The applicants have to register marriage and both applicants must
be single or divorced from the previous relationship.

Above information is just the initial data about Foreign Visa. In fact the working method must be processed by the intention and profession of a specialist. Our client will be treated and considered in case by case because we see all differences of each client.

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